15 Reasons Why My Cat Guards Me When I Poop and Pee | PetMaximalist (2023)

If your kitty’s watching you pee or poop, you’re probably wondering why.

Some cats guard their owners in the bathroom for many reasons, including curiosity, separation anxiety, protection, fascination with water, need for attention, etc.

In today’s article, you will learn why your cat watches you poop and how to stop this from happening, so let’s dive right in.

Why Do Cats Watch You Poop?

Your cat watches you while you pee and poop; they don’t want to leave your side for even just a second. However, it’s also possible your cat follows you to the bathroom for the following reasons.

1. They’re Intrigued by the Noises

Cats have strong hearing, so when you enter the bathroom, flush the toilet, or wash your hands, your feline’s intrigued by the noises. Simply put, your kitten enters your bathroom for exploration purposes.

Your cat wants to explore what’s causing the different noises. That’s why some cats even watch their owners shower, as if watching us take a poop wasn’t enough.

2. Your Cat’s Fascinated by Running Water

Cats enjoy running water. Some even drink from a running tap.

Some cat specialists say this isn’t uncommon in cats. They prefer flowing water over the one you leave in their bowl because it’s their natural instinctive habit.

Cats in the wild drink running water as it’s the safest. However, house cats can’t find running water easily, so they’re fascinated with your sink.

Additionally, some cats show interest in their owners’ urine, as it’s “running water” in their minds. That’s why some cats watch their owners pee.

Therefore, if your cat watches you pee, don’t freak out; they’re probably intrigued by the noise of “running water.”

Extra tip: If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, perhaps they prefer running water. So, consider buying a water fountain for your kitten.

3. Your Cat Likes Your Bathroom

Most cats like human bathrooms for many reasons.

One of those reasons is intrigued. Your bathroom’s likely shut most of the time, and your feline wants to know what’s happening behind those closed doors.

Now, let’s discuss other reasons why kittens love bathrooms.

The Smooth Surfaces

Cats love smooth surfaces, and your bathroom consists of smooth surfaces, like the floor, sink, bathtub, etc. That’s why most cats chill in sinks.

The Perfect Resting Location

No one hangs around the bathroom all day, so it’s likely one of the quietest areas in the home. There’s no foot traffic, so it’s excellent for napping and relaxing.

The Weird Scents and Noises

Humans don’t like bathroom smells and sounds, but cats find these things amusing. They’re so fascinated by the bathroom that they even drink toilet water.

That being said, if your feline sees you entering the bathroom, they will likely enter it to explore their surroundings, guard you, and sometimes even sit in your lap.

Don’t be surprised if your cat suddenly crawls into your lap in the bathroom. It’s very common in cats who suffer separation anxiety and stress or lack attention.

(Video) Why Does Your Cat Pee Out of the Litter Box?

4. They’re Looking for Attention

Sometimes, when cats enter the bathroom simultaneously as you’re about to take a poop, they’re just looking for attention.

Cats who lack attention also follow their owners to the kitchen and bedroom. It’s just that cat owners notice their cat’s stalking behavior more in the bathroom.

If you’re uncomfortable with your feline being around while using the toilet, close the door behind you the next time you visit the restroom.

Just don’t forget to give your kitty a treat before you close the door. Otherwise, your cat might come scratching at the door.

5. They See Your Toiletries as Toys

Cats see everyday things around the home as toys. And your bathroom has plenty of “toys” your cat can play with, such as your toilet paper.

Many kitties will happily unroll toilet paper rolls while you’re not looking and cause a whole mess. Others will cheerfully tear toilet paper rolls into small pieces.

Some kitties prefer tissue boxes over toilet paper rolls, as they can pull out as many tissues as they want. The tissues will keep coming and keep your cat entertained.

Other cats love rolling on bathmats, searching for imagined intruders in the corners of your bathroom, and even climbing towels hung from a hook.

Therefore, if your cat follows you to the toilet, maybe they’re hoping you will leave soon, so they can finally play with their favorite “toys.”

6. They Can Finally Chill in Your Bathroom Sink

Cats love hiding and sleeping in small, smooth places, such as sinks. So, if your cat sits in your sink and guards you when you pee or poop, they’re not exactly guarding you but chilling in your sink.

7. Your Cat’s Feeling Vulnerable

Most people think of cats as independent, fearless, and skilled predators. However, cats also have a sensitive side.

Simply put, cats can easily get attached to their favorite humans and feel vulnerable and scared when left alone, even for a second.

Moreover, your cat probably sees you as a source of safety, comfort, and resources such as food and water.

So, when you leave their side, even if you’re going to the toilet, your kitty might feel unsafe and follow you around the home.

8. Your Kitty’s Just Curious

Cats explore and mark their territory because they’re curious and territorial animals. That’s why they scratch furniture, pee all over your house, and enter your bathroom while you pee or poop.

When your cat enters your toilet, they’re probably curious about your actions.

In fact, they want to ensure you’re not doing anything that can jeopardize their lives, such as letting predators inside the home, etc.

Also, cats bury their feces as smaller predators. That’s how they hide their tracks in the wild and keep other predators at bay.

So, when your cat enters your toilet, maybe they’re just making sure you follow their safety protocols. It sounds odd, but it’s possible. After all, your feline considers your home as their territory, including your bathroom.

Additionally, your cat can be scared you’re hoarding resources in the bathroom and making friends with other pets.

(Video) 10 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Call a cat behaviorist if you’re interested in learning more about your cat’s behavior. They will explain the value of resources and territory for cats.

Moreover, their value increases when there’s competition for resources and territory in the household. That’s why your cat acts weird whenever you close the toilet door. You increase the value of the space by denying your cat access.

9. They Suffer Separation Anxiety

Your cat may guard you when you use the restroom because they have separation anxiety. When most people use the toilet, they close the door behind them.

And if you’re a cat owner, closing a door to your cat can be a huge deal for your cat, especially if they have separation anxiety.

When you close the door behind you, your feline isn’t able to see you anymore. So, your cat feels unsafe and starts scratching the door, trying to reach you.

The same happens when you enter the toilet, wash your hands in the bathroom, or flush the toilet. These noises disturb your kitty, and they feel scared and helpless when you’re not around.

However, this doesn’t apply to every cat. As I already established, most felines like bathroom noises and smells. Only kittens with separation anxiety might feel scared of loud noises when alone.

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Cats

If your cat quickly follows you into the restroom, then sits at your feet, or stands by the door and guards you, they’re probably suffering separation anxiety.

Some cats with separation anxiety even cat guard their owners when they shower. So, if your cat’s doing all these things, they’re likely anxious when you’re not around.

Moreover, cats with separation anxiety might perceive bathroom noises as threats. So, when you shut the door behind and turn on the water or flush the toilet, your cat might believe you’re in danger.

Separation anxiety occurs in many cats, especially if left alone in a room for too long or neglected by their owners.

So, if you suspect your feline suffers separation anxiety, talk to your vet. Or consult a cat behavioralist. They can certainly help you find a solution and make your feline feel safe when you’re in the toilet, at work, or just out of the house.

10. Your Cat’s Protective Over You

Sometimes, when cat owners ask why my cat watches me pee or poop, the answer is simple: they’re protective over their favorite humans.

Cats get a bad rep for being distant creatures, but they’re quite the opposite. Kittens can get attached to their owners. Additionally, cats act protective over their people if they sense trouble. It’s a common behavior in both genders.

So, the next time your cat enters the restroom while doing business, they may worry about your well-being.

Felines can also act protective over their owners if there’s more than one cat in the home. In other words, they’re competing for your affection.

11. Your Kitten Loves You

If your feline guards you when you poop, you’re deserving of their trust.

Your cat probably sees you as their protector, so they keep you safe while you’re in your most vulnerable state – taking a poop; it’s their way of expressing gratitude for all you’ve done regarding providing food, cleaning their litter box, etc.

If your kitty loves you, you will notice signs besides private security, such as licking, head bunting, light purring, and slow blinking.

12. Territorial Issues

Cats observe their surroundings and associate their owners with safety. Therefore, when you leave their side, you might feel like their territory has been compromised. In this case, they will follow you around the home until they feel safe again.

(Video) 10 REASONS CATS POOP OUT OF THEIR LITTER BOX l (With Voice-Over Narration) l V-18

Similarly, if you mess with their litter box, they’re aware of the changes and assume there’s something wrong.

If you’ve recently changed your cat’s litter box setup, maybe your cat feels unsafe or uneasy with the new changes and follows you around the house, including the toilet, because you’re their source of comfort and support.

In summary, anytime cats feel uncomfortable, their behavior changes until they feel safe again.

13. Your Cat’s Scared

When cats get scared by big shadows, loud noises, or other animals, they often run to their owners for safety and comfort. They also fear for your well-being and sprint to guard you when they’re scared of something.

So, if your feline enters the bathroom every time you sit on the toilet, maybe they’re scared something will happen to you while you’re all alone.

14. It’s a Part of Their Daily Routine

If your cat has been guarding you when you poop for a while, perhaps it’s just a part of their daily routine. Surprisingly, some cats enjoy protecting their owners as much as eating, playing with toys, sprinting, and jumping all over the home.

Usually, cats behave this way when their owner returns home, enters the restroom, turns on the TV, and opens the door for a guest. In short, they’re acting as personal bodyguards for their favorite humans.

15. Encouraged Behavior

If you’re giving your feline treats, petting them over the head, or playing with them in the toilet, perhaps they’re associating entering your private space with rewards.

In other words, you’re probably responsible for your cat’s current behavior.

So, unless you want this to go on forever, you should stop rewarding your kitty with food and attention every time you enter the bathroom or other personal spaces.

Instead, have a cat’s petting schedule and hang with your feline outside the bathroom.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Toilet?

Over time, cats pick up on their owners’ routines.

So, if your kitty has learned when you wake up and visit the toilet before you feed them, perhaps they follow you around in hopes of getting food.

Therefore, next time your kitty enters your restroom, provide food and hope they go away. Otherwise, your cat won’t leave your side until you meet their needs.

Additionally, your feline might follow you around and observe you in other spaces; it’s that you happen to notice their weird behavior more when you’re in the toilet.

Moreover, your cat’s probably unaware of your peeing or pooping; they’re just trying to grab your attention as they would in different places in the household.

You can try closing the door if you don’t like your cat guarding you in the bathroom. However, remember that some felines will scream and scratch at the door.

In fact, if your cat’s behavior is fueled by curiosity, closing the door will make matters worse. So, if a closed bathroom door makes your cat act crazy, you will have to get used to your cat’s presence in the bathroom.

Why Does My Cat Love Me When I’m On the Toilet?

Cats enjoy spending time with their favorite humans in the toilet for various reasons, including curiosity, lack of attention and cuddles, separation anxiety, protection fear, etc.

However, although they don’t see a problem with invading their owners’ privacy, they certainly don’t like their owners being present when they use their litter box.

(Video) 12 Critical Signs that Indicate Your Cat is Dying

Final Tips for Cat Owners

In short, cats follow their favorite owners when they need more attention. Moreover, they can get attached to their owners and follow them everywhere.

Typically, when your kitten follows you around, they’re just interested in what you’re doing or request access to places of the home where they’re not usually allowed.

If you’re uncomfortable with your feline guarding you in the toilet, you can do certain things to prevent your cat’s bizarre behavior, such as the following.

Remove Your Cat

Cats can be very persistent and annoying. However, they will eventually understand what you’re trying to do if you don’t give up trying.

So, the next time your feline enters the toilet at the same time as you, just pick them up and put them outside. Your kitten won’t feel thrilled the first time and might meow or scratch at the door, but they will eventually leave.

Don’t Keep the Bathroom Door Open

You can prevent your feline from entering your bathroom by locking the door behind you. Your cat won’t be thrilled by your action, but you will eventually change your cat’s perspective and they will remember your bathroom’s off-limits.

If your feline starts screaming at the bathroom door, ignore their attempt at changing your mind unless your cat suffers separation anxiety. In that case, discuss solutions with your vet or cat behaviorist.

Distract Your Cat or Offer Treats

When you have to use the restroom, you can trick your cat into staying outside by providing a cool toy they can play with while on the toilet.

You can lock the door behind you to ensure your feline won’t enter the bathroom while on the toilet bowl.

In case your cat isn’t into toys, you can try treats. Offer your feline treats before you run into the toilet and lock the bathroom door behind you.

That way, you can rest assured, knowing no one will ruin your peace.

Hopefully, your cat will take the hint and remain outside of your private space in the future. Just don’t leave the door open for your cat, follow these tips and let the cat sit outside.

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