God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (2023)

The Hack’n’Slash genre has seen some very quality games in contemporary times, but the two kingpins in this regard are God of War and Devil May Cry. The secret to their success has been their engaging main characters, both of whom are enormously powerful, leading to memorable moments in their respective games.

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Dante and Kratos aren’t alike in the slightest, with the only thing common about them being that they’ve never lost in the battles they’ve been in. This begs for an answer over which one of these two juggernauts is stronger than the other. We’re sure you’ve thought of this yourself, and here is your big question finally answered.

10 Ruthlessness: Kratos

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (1)

When it comes to clobbering your enemy with no mercy whatsoever, then there might not be any character in creation more violent than Kratos. The God of War beat both his brother and his father to death by his bare hands, which is the farthest extent anyone would go into killing someone.

Dante has always been reluctant to kill his brother, Vergil, despite the latter routinely posing a threat to humankind and even when Vergil attempted to kill his own son, Dante’s nephew. If a match-up between these two does happen, then Dante would definitely not go in to kill Kratos; the latter’s only thought would be to rip Dante’s head off.

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9 Speed: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (2)

This isn’t even a contest. Dante is far superior when it comes to being a speedster, to the point where some of his abilities are tailormade for him to use his speed powers. When Dante’s in a fight, his enemies are always blindsided with how quick Dante is, who plays around with his opponents by befuddling them with his speed.

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The only time Kratos was shown to have speed powers was when he had Hermes’ boots, and even those were laughable if you want to call them being fast. There’s a very small chance Kratos manages to get his hands on Dante in a fight, and even then it would be a fluke.

8 Special Power: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (3)

Kratos’ special ability has been his rage, with every installment in the God of War series showing him to have a variation of this. The rage feature allowed him to deal out more damage and be almost completely invulnerable to getting hurt himself, although the rage power in the latest God of War wasn’t nearly as strong.

Meanwhile, Dante’s Devil Trigger is the stuff of nightmares, as he becomes a demonic being capable of wiping out armies in one swift motion. His Devil Trigger makes him capable of running in light speeds, which means his attacks are full-on blitzes at this point. It also gives him the ability to fly, as well as empower him to enormous lengths. Kratos has nothing on this.

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7 Equipment: Tied

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (4)

If there was a tie-breaker, then we’d have given it to Dante, but we’ll be counting this as points shared due to Kratos having equipment that is magical in nature. Dante’s arsenal generally includes items that are one-time deals and aren’t as powerful as his base weapons.

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Kratos has been granted abilities like summoning thunder from the skies, causing earthquake-level damage, and possessing wings for flight. Dante’s got more edgy material such as a literal electric guitar, fire and wind swords, and other advanced weapons. Kratos’ base weapons of the Blade of Chaos give him great range to attack, while Dante’s speed beautifully utilizes the stinger strikes from his Rebellion sword.

6 Durability: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (5)

Kratos has died and gone to the underworld in every God of War game, showing just how durable his spirit is as he simply comes back. However, where Dante’s considered, the guy never dies in the first place!

There has been no power or attack shown that has been able to kill the Son of Sparda, and even his clothes don’t seem to burn or rip off when attacked by incredible force. In Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, the hero was impaled several times at once, only for him to take his time and eat a slice of pizza—and that was the weakest Dante we’ve seen so far. Kratos has taken damage and is capable of death; Dante just cannot be put down.

5 Resilience: Kratos

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (6)
(Video) Goku vs Dante vs Kratos - Power Levels - Dragon Ball vs Devil May Cry vs God of War

This isn’t as much a power as it is an inherent skill, but it is something noteworthy seeing as these two characters go up against incredible odds in their quests. Kratos edges Dante out here due to the former never flinching even slightly in his goals.

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When Kratos wants to kill someone, kill that person he will; whenever Kratos has his sights set on acquiring something, he most certainly will attain it. Dante’s more relaxed disposition has him settling for what he can get, and he holds back in his mission when he finds out if the price is too high to pay. Kratos has no such problems.

4 Enemy Power Level: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (7)

You might start whining how Kratos fought Greek and Nordic gods and came out on top, but why don’t you also consider the fact that these gods were weak as heck? The highest level of godly being in Zeus was nothing more than a super-powered human with lightning, making him an easy opponent for Kratos, who only needs to use his strength.

Dante, on the other hand, has to contend with beings of creation that are hard to put into words. His greatest foe has been Mundus, who was shown to traverse galaxies during his battle with Dante. The Son of Sparda’s enemies are always from the Underworld, and these beings carry attributes where simple strength is never enough.

3 Back Up: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (8)

In all of Kratos’ time in video gaming history, the guy has only managed to gather one ally, and that’s a kid with a bow. Do you think there is any chance for Kratos when he’s outmatched easily against Dante’s allies in Nero, Vergil, Trish, and Gloria?

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(Video) Kratos VS Dante: WHO WOULD WIN? | Yours Mythically

Vergil alone will be enough to beat Kratos since he’s been shown to beat Dante on several occasions. All of Dante’s allies have Devil Triggers of their own, and Kratos has nobody to help him out here. Should Dante want back up, Kratos wouldn’t have a second before Vergil has him sliced up with his Yamato or before he was stomped to the ground by Nero’s Devil arm.

2 Experience: Kratos

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (9)

We’ve seen Dante come up short sometimes due to him having no clue who he’s up against. The guy does have fight experience, but he doesn’t make the most of it. Plus, Dante’s age seems to be late 40s or early 50s, which is nothing compared to Kratos, who is implied to be around a century or more in age.

Even if you don’t want to count the time after he became the God of War, Kratos’ experience with the Spartan army was ruthless enough for him to conquer all of Greece. Not only that, but Kratos kept with him the experience he gained from fighting new enemies, and he was seen utilizing this knowledge in his next fights.

1 Winner: Dante

God Of War’s Kratos Vs Devil May Cry’s Dante: Who Is Stronger? (10)

At the end of the day, speed is a deciding factor for Dante’s victory over Kratos. Brute strength will never be enough against a guy who’s probably just as strong, but can easily avoid punches by darting around and slicing his enemy.

Dante’s Devil Trigger is also too overpowered for Kratos to have an answer for. The Son of Sparda’s vast quantities in weaponry would allow him to improvise and even play around with the Ghost of Sparta, and his fighting skills would mean Kratos’ brawler-like moves would be brushed aside like a joke. We’re going to have to announce Dante as the easy victor, and just hope he doesn’t brag about it too much.

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