Made in Abyss Watch Order! (Easy to Follow) (2023)

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Made in Abyss was released in 2017. This adventurous anime tells us about an orphaned girl named Riko who dreams of finding her mother from a deep way into the Earth known as the “abyss”. While the main character may look like she’s super lively and cheerful, you all will probably think, “what could possibly go wrong in this anime?” Well, the way you’ll get attached to the characters will leave you baffled. Anyways, if you’re new here and want to know the correct watch order of Made in Abyss, you’re at the right place! Let’s find out!

Table of Contents


  • Made in Abyss: Season 1 (2017)
  • Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn (Movie 1)
  • Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight (Movie 2)
  • Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul (Movie 3)
  • Made in Abyss: Season 2 (2022)


Season 1 tells us about the orphaned girl, Riko who comes across a peculiar humanoid robot named Reg, and becomes friends with him. Her town surrounds the titular hole that opens deep into the Earth, it’s almost like a whole new world. But a dangerous one. Whoever descended into that hole hardly made their way back to the real world. It is said there are many monsters living inside this hole and valuable items inside too. This abyss is a popular place for a group of Cave Raiders who do their best to collect these ancient artefacts by taking on dangerous missions.

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Returning from the Abyss can be fatal since it holds a curse known as, “The Curse of the Abyss.” For instance, if someone tries to make their way out of this Abyss, they start to feel dizziness and internal bleeding. I bet you were not expecting that, were you? Well, that’s how dangerous the Abyss can be. Some of the best Cave Raiders are given the title of “White Whistle,” Riko’s mother is known to be one of those raiders.

The story tells us Riko’s longing to follow her mother’s footsteps, in order to become a White Whistle. One strange day, she finds a humanoid robot boy and gives him a name, Reg. After some time, she welcomes him and introduces him to some of her friends. Since the party ended, Riko hears something from inside the Abyss which was nothing more than her mother sending her a message that she’s waiting down for her. That’s when our girl becomes more than determined to find her mother and bids farewell to her friends. However, she takes Reg on this journey.

Of course, she had taken a big step for someone as small as her. She had to face the consequences inside the Abyss. When she decided to go inside the Abyss, many people opposed this idea. That’s why Riko had to secretly sneak inside it. Reg on the other hand believes that once he goes inside the Abyss, he will be able to find all of his lost memories as Riko also thinks that he came from the Abyss. Anyways, Reg and Riko successfully descend down the first layer of the Abyss. After they ate freshly caught fish, Riko ended up losing her stopwatch, which was dropped inside the waterfall. The stopwatch had a note inside that was the warning of Jirou that they will be back at dawn.

Moving on, Riko and Reg meet an insect who guides them to the second layer of the Abyss. However, Riko wanted to go to the second layer by herself instead of being guided. The insect informs the Seeker Camp who guided Lyza (Riko’s mother) that it can be dangerous so be wary of Ozen. Thus, Riko and Reg make it successfully to the second layer a.k.a. “The Forest of Temptation.” Just like that, they went through so many dangers inside the Abyss, and so many events take place further in the anime. I won’t spoil it for you guys, so if you liked the story, make sure to watch “Made in Abyss.” You’re definitely going to love the suspense in this anime!


Riko met a lot of new people during her on-going journey in Abyss. On the other hand, we see the interaction of Torka with Lyza. Who is Torka? Well, he’s Riko’s father and Lyza’s husband. He makes stew for the White Whistle Squad and chats with Lyza. He notices that Ozen didn’t really enjoy his food and how she ended up giving her bowl back to him. Lyza reassures that Ozen probably liked Torka’s cooking.

Anyways, let’s get back to our protagonists who explore the first layer. Riko gets chased by Crimson Splitjaw. A beam of energy suddenly hits this monster. Riko gets curious as to who saved her, that’s when she starts following the light beam and finds out the unconscious Reg. When she finds out that he’s a robot, Riko brings him back to the Orphanage. Do you know how they woke Reg up? By using a jolt of electricity. If you ever want to wake a robot up, make sure you use electricity. As Reg gains consciousness, Riko tells him about the Orth and the Abyss.

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During one of the celebrations of Returning Delvers, a Hablog comes back from the Abyss along with Riko’s mothers’ White Whistle. Lyza also sent some notes regarding her experiences inside the Abyss. One of the notes contained a robot figures’ sketch looking just like Reg and what was written on it? “I’ll be waiting at the bottom of the Abyss.” After discussing this note, Riko and Reg decide to continue their journeys to the bottom of the Abyss. It took them two whole days to prepare for their escape from the Orphanage in the middle of the night. How will their journey help them this time? Will Riko and Reg be able to unfold more mysteries about the Abyss? To find out, watch Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn. I’m sure you’re going to love this thrilling anime!


After their intense adventures from the second layer, Riko and Reg finally arrive at the third layer known as The Great Fault. It shows a long vertical shaft. This trip gets even more dangerous when groups of Neritantan come their way. Then, both of them encounter the same Crimson Splitjaw, now Riko remembers what Ozen told her to do when this monster shows up. Reg fully passes out after seeing him leaving Riko in danger.

The two of them decide to withdraw while using the close cave system. However, they accidentally come across a nest of Madokajack enclosing them in a space. Reg uses his powers to kill the creature. After Reg loses consciousness, Riko takes him along with her to stay far from Crimson Splitjaw. However, she ends up getting swallowed by the Amakagame. Since she had a dagger with her, she uses it to open through the creature. Just like that, Reg and Riko make their move to go to the fourth layer of the Abyss.

Crimson Splitjaw is pretty strong and smart, it uses their scents to follow them and successfully shows up against them. Just when Riko gets ready to fight, Reg regains consciousness and attacks the creature with the Blaze Reap. Crimson Splitjaw falls off and gets attacked by tons of Madojack.

That’s how Riko and Reg reach the fourth layer filled with hot water. As they make their move, Reg starts to feel as if someone is following them. And when she moves, they start talking. Reg considers it to be a Delver. However, he hasn’t been able to track his movements. That’s when an Orb Piercer shows up. Now, what will happen? Will Reg and Riko be able to survive? See what happens next and watch Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight!


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The group starts their journey from Nanachi’s Hideout and reaches the field of Eternal Fortunes. In those fields, they encounter Bondrewd’s Umbra Hands. These Umbra hands tell them that the field needs to be burned because of Amaranthine-Deceptor infestation. As the burning spreads, the Deceptors make their move and attack the group. Riko isn’t injured while the three of them are trying to reach its base. Suddenly, a girl named Prushka shows up and asks whether they’re her father’s friends. Let’s see who Prushka is and what is her father’s role in the Abyss.


Made in Abyss season 2 has been released. It starts off with a mysterious kid who tells how he found himself on a long journey. This kid is part of a travelling group called Ganja. This group is led by the duo Wazukyan and Belafu. They’re looking for different precious artifacts in the Abyss. Season 2 introduces new characters and their backstories. So, if you’re looking forward to seeing these new characters, make sure to watch season 2!


We’ve learned about its plot enough, now let’s learn about the personalities of the characters one by one!


Starting off with our strong and determined MC, Riko. She’s an orphan yet she still managed to grow up friendly and sweet. Rika truly has a good nature and her energy is matchless. She’s the type of friend we all need. When we’re feeling down or need help, she’ll be there. She gets excited very quickly. So, sometimes it becomes hard for Riko to not become too giddy. The Abyss excites her a lot and is the only reason she lives. Yes, she’s more than determined to find her mother inside the Abyss. Do you guys think that she’ll be able to find her mother?


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Reg is also one of the main characters in Made in Abyss. He’s a humanoid robot who joins Riko on her journey to find her mother and to gain his lost memories back. Reg and Riko are super different from one another. While Riko is cheerful and overly energetic, Reg is cold and lazy. Whenever he’s stressed, he blushes. If you want to know more about Reg, make sure to watch Made in Abyss. The chemistry between these two same yet different characters is really cute. I’m sure you will enjoy it!


Lyza is also one of the major characters in the anime who holds much power. She had the guts to fight different monsters in the Abyss along with collecting valuable artefacts. She’s Riko’s mother and when it comes to her personality, she’s a very collected and assertive woman. You would want to tell her not to lie since she’s very self-sufficient and cool! Lyza is optimistic; she always looks at things with hope in her eyes. No matter how hard a situation is, Lyza will get through it. That’s how strong-willed she is!


Torka is Lyza’s husband and Riko’s father. He’s a good chef who gets sad if someone doesn’t really like his cooking. He’s such a dutiful father. He’s strong and tough like real men. Not much is known about his personality in the anime. But if you want to see him, watch Made in Abyss!


Next off, we have Prushka. She’s an extremely positive and optimistic girl who’s always ready to face big challenges head-on. Yes, that’s how tough she is. Prushka is similar to Riko quite a lot since both of them are hyped up all the time.


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That’s it for the Made in Abyss Watch Order. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and found the correct way to watch this masterpiece. If you’re new here and are wanting to start a new anime revolving around thrill, suspense, and horror. You’re just at the right place. Make sure to share this valuable information with your friends who would love a recommendation! Do let us know in the comments what do you guys think about Made in Abyss? Is it worth watching or not? Stay tuned for more content. See you guys on the next blog!


Can I skip the first two Made in Abyss movies? ›

There's not much of a difference between Season 1 and the two recap movies, Journey's Dawn and Wandering Twilight, but you'll absolutely need to watch the third movie to get all caught up.

Are the Made in Abyss movies just recaps? ›

After “Made in Abyss” season 1 you can watch “Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei” a.k.a. “Made in Abyss Movie 3: Dawn of the Deep Soul”. It's a continuation of the story. First 2 movies are just recap.

Is Made in Abyss movie 3 canon? ›

It continues the story right where Season 1 and Wandering Twilight both left things off, with the three young Cave Raiders adventuring deeper into the Abyss. This movie is canon to the manga, making it required viewing in order to be caught up before launching into Season 2.

What episodes do the Made in Abyss movies cover? ›

It covers the first eight episodes of the series as well as part of episode nine and a bit beyond as a teaser for the next recap film titled 'Wandering Twilight', which will cover episodes nine through thirteen (the remainder of the series). This is a fairly straight-forward recap film.

Is Nanachi a guy or a girl? ›

Nanachi is generally presumed to be female, based upon their feminine appearance. However, their gender and sex have never been explicitly stated within the series itself. The only gender referent used by Nanachi is the pronouns that they used to refer to themself with.

How many hours is Made in Abyss? ›

There's a lot packed in Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness, but it will take someone willing to play through the 5-hour opening to discover it.


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