The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (2023)

Who are the god-tier characters in DMC 5?

DMC 5 has top-notch voice actors, face models, and character designs, even 11 years after its predecessor. Everyone looks gorgeous - from one strand of hair to how they attack. Their moves are crisp, clear, and concise.

The problem now is having to look at all these DMC 5 characters and decide which one might rank higher than the other. To solve this problem, here are the best DMC5 characters - ranked. This ranking will be based on design, skill list, and where they are on the badass scale.

Don’t worry, since this list will rank them from good to best.

I’ll only be including characters who have had the most impact on the overall story and beyond that - sorry Patty lovers (and maybe Morrison too).

And be warned - major spoilers ahead.

7. Trish [NPC]

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (1)
Trish's emerald eyes and immaculate skin up close

Trish has always been a staple in the Devil May Cry franchise - ever since she was introduced in Devil May Cry 1. She was purportedly a demon resembling Dante and Vergil’s mother, Eva. She’s a blonde bombshell that can look stunning as she takes names and kicks ass.

In Devil May Cry 5, Trish is taken captive by Urizen. As she goes on a job given by Morrison, she sets out for the Qliphoth with Lady. Unfortunately, she is taken down by Urizen and is placed inside a demon body known as Cavaliere Angelo.

She is rescued by Dante and has multiple heartfelt conversations with V.

Storywise, Trish played a large role. She found out a lot about V’s nature and what he was. Her inherent demonic background helped uncover several secrets. But the real kicker was her relationship with Dante. It sure made everything better.

This tall, beautiful woman is nothing short of gorgeous. Her long legs and lean arms make for some of the most fluid melee combat visuals. When she uses her sword, Sparda, she is as fast and fleeting as lightning.

As badass as Trish is, she didn't have much to do this time around. I would’ve loved to have Lightning Kicked enemies, but sadly, she isn’t playable.

What’s awesome about Trish?

  • Extensive demon knowledge - what’s great about Trish is that she knows a lot about demons and the demon world, which is beneficial for our crew
  • Empowered female - she’s gorgeous, tough, and can handle any demon or man

Character Score: 6.5/10

6. Lady [NPC]

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (2)Close-up of Lady's gorgeous heterochromatic eyes

Lady made her bombastic entrance in Devil May Cry 3 and has earned her right as one of the baddest ladies in all of gaming. She was the daughter of a priestess and a demon-obsessed Joker. Fortunately, that didn’t hinder her growth as a gun-wielding baddie.

She appears in DMC 5 almost suffering the same fate as Trish. Instead of a Cavaliere Angelo, she is put in an enemy Artemis. Eventually, she is found by Nero and Nico and brought back to the RV.

Lady spends most of her time - and the game - with Nero and Nico, assisting both as they go through the Qliphoth in search of Dante. The only reason she’s slightly higher than Trish is that she had more to do with the main storyline.

Even her signature weapon, Kalina Ann, had something to do this time around.

What’s awesome about Lady?

  • Gunsmith of your dreams - who doesn’t love a woman who can hold her own with a gun?
  • Caring yet spunky - Lady is a kindhearted soul with ass-kicking for a middle name
  • Carries insane firepower - she comes in handy when you need explosive firepower, which Dante did near the end

Character Score: 7/10

5. Nico [NPC]

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (3)Portrait of Nico and her signature glasses and smile

One of two lovely new introductions to the franchise. Nico is a new character in Devil May Cry - and most possibly the freshest addition. Although she is the daughter of a not-so-cool villain, Nico goes above and beyond that.

Nico is one of, if not, the most important characters in the entire game. She helps Nero out with his Devil Breakers but does almost any weapons job. She is responsible for fixing up Kalina Ann and even creating those Devil Breakers we love so much.

In a way, she also acts like a save point. Her RV becomes a place where our boy, Nero, can rest and catch a breath.

Her quirky attitude and top-notch humor make her the girl of a lot of guy’s dreams. She’s a mechanic and weapons-expert to boot. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take this lovely woman out on a date. The catch is: you don’t get to drive.

Also, fasten your seatbelts and make sure you have an oxygen tank ready.

She’s a jack-of-all-trades with a sick-looking tattoo and a cute pair of glasses. The way she goes insane on her wheels makes her a keeper. She’s a certified badass for sure - left, right, and center.

What’s awesome about her?

  • Creative and badass - since she handles most of the creation of the Devil Breakers, she’s got a huge brain in that pretty little head of hers
  • Oddly convenient - she pops up in that sick RV of hers whenever someone is in need of repairs or a pep-talk
  • Tough as nails - Nico never takes no for an answer when someone needs her help, and we love that.

Character Score: 7.5/10

4. V

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (4)Close-up of V's signature smirk and jaw-dropping tattoos

The second newest addition to the cast and this list is the very mysterious V. No, I mean very mysterious. We know nothing about him until maybe the second half of the game.

Sometimes I think he’s the titular character - you know, DMC V. But alas, no, he is not the main character - just one of them. He plays such an important role since he is part and parcel of the root of everything (almost literally).

He serves as both an exposition and epic character. V is also a crucial plot device since he is most knowledgeable about what is happening in the game. He is directly related to the events that transpire.

His cool meter goes up when you see his luscious hair, fancy tattoos, and combat slippers. When you put all of these together, you’re sure to get an epic light-saber-wielding First Order Commander. I mean, no, V looks nothing like Kylo Ren. Not at all.

His design and whole demeanor become even more interesting when you find out what his tattoos are. I didn’t catch it the first time. But after playing through the game several more times I found it cool.

His demons come from his tattoos. I mean literal demons - not the demons in his head.

He’s a badass Shakespeare with cool hair and an even cooler walking stick. He even has a chicken for a gun, a cat for a sword, and Frankenstein for an OP hulking missile. All of these are what makes V so incredibly awesome.

What’s awesome about V?

  • Overpowered puppeteer - the way he can control Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare while wearing slippers makes him completely awesome
  • Human-ish - out of the four men in the game, V seems to be the most human, which is a nice change of pace
  • Knowledgeable about the situation - he knows exactly what is happening, and knows how to get to the root of the problem

Character Score: 8/10

3. Vergil [DLC]

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (5)Daddy Dearest with furrowed eyebrows, ready to kick ass and take names

The man of the hour and the most anticipated character. The second half of this entire franchise. The big brother. The power-hungry, precision-driven swordsman addicted to hair gel. The angsty man with a lot of regret and despair racked under his belt.

That is Vergil.

Disheartened by the death of his mother, Vergil decided the only way to gain power was to become a demon, like his father. He forsook his human side and resented his mother. This led to multiple battles - and even better - multiple Devil May Cry games.

Be warned by the next paragraph - there are major spoilers.

Vergil halves himself into two - one being our Fresh Prince of Darkness V, and the other the Demon King Himself, Urizen. This split serves as an invitation for a touching reunion between the two brothers. Eventually, they meet again, and we can tell there’s a lot of sibling tension pent up.

Although Vergil and Dante are twins, they almost have nothing alike - aside from some tragedies. They’re two very different peas in a pod. Vergil is this Bushido-abiding swordsman with an obvious disdain for guns.

Some traits make him so different from Dante, yet still so very endearing as a character. He thinks Dante is a pain in the butt, but in a sick, twisted way, you know they love each other. Having to look past all of these and accepting his humanity is what makes him so attractive.

The classics - judgment cut, summoned swords, and star fall, among others - are all there, with more flare. His Devil Trigger gets a snazzy upgrade while his swords become a brighter azure color. He even becomes more precise in his attacks, which makes his most iconic moves even more gorgeous.

Don’t deny it. You missed him. We all did.

What’s awesome about him?

  • Big brother - despite being almost completely estranged, Vergil has a fondness for Dante and Nero
  • Almost a samurai - the way he carries himself, as if he has a personal code that he abides by, makes him all the more alluring
  • Precision and conciseness is key - If Dante is the butcher in demon slaying, Vergil is the surgeon - he has complete precision and calculation

Character Score: 9/10

2. Nero

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (6)A mouth-watering portrait of Nero and his fresh new haircut

Our Mr. Deadweight himself. The man who didn’t start strong but finished with all the medals in the race. Nero was a great addition to the franchise when they first introduced him in Devil May Cry 4.

He went from an angsty, anime teenage boy to a more mature, witty, and kindhearted warrior. In this game, Nero gets the most development out of all the characters. The developers gave him a lot of character this time around. It was especially great how he bounced off of Nico.

Needless to say, Nero is the primary protagonist of Devil May Cry 5. At least, he is the one who gets introduced first. He is also the one we spend the most time with - which, if you ask me - isn’t enough time.

His gameplay this time is more refined and open to experimentation. He is no longer that one-trick pony who uses one weapon, one gun, and one arm. His new Devil Breakers make sure his style rivals that of Dante’s.

His signature white hair and bluish-red coat ensemble are back but more Nero-esque. It’s crazy how Nero in DMC 4 looks like a knock-off cosplay of this Nero. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the old anime-inspired Nero, but this one feels so much more genuine for me.

His design, from the outfit to the crew cut, all the way to his skill set, is outstanding at its very core. His skill set plays off Dante’s very well, and I think it’s a nice contrast to the other playable characters.

Red Queen and Blue Rose are back but with a vengeance.

His attacks are nothing short of powerful, heavy-hitting, and packed full of energy.

He serves as the perfect introductory character for the game. His wit and snapback attitude is one that never gets old. That makes him the embodiment of the rule of cool. I must say, Kyrie is one lucky girl.

What’s awesome about him?

  • Go-getter attitude - Nero has a relentless attitude to get things done, that is beneficial to anyone
  • Has more of a personality now - He’s a lot wittier, with fantastic one-liners that should be quoted in every dictionary
  • Not afraid to experiment - he enjoys having to play around with his Devil Breakers, which by extension, the player enjoys as well

Character Score: 9.5/10

1. Dante

The Best DMC 5 Characters (Ranked) (7)The man, the legend, the Uncle of the Year

Honestly, is this even a surprise at this point?

Jokes aside, Dante is the glue that binds both this game and the entire franchise together. He’s the main character of everything related to DMC, from the main games to the reboot, to even some anime, manga, and stories set in the universe.

He’s the fun-loving, outgoing, spunky uncle everyone wishes they had. Not to mention, he’s a complete and utter monster on the battlefield and the dance floor. He’s the jack-of-all-trades kind of guy you’ll never get bored of hanging out with.

We’ve followed Dante through a large portion of his life. We’ve seen him get smacked around, pick up stray demon dogs and women, get a snazzy new hat, and get swallowed by a large, flying snake.

Devil May Cry 5 is a beautiful love letter to Dante as a character and the relationships he had built over time. He unlocks his full power, both as a demon and as an uncle. Unfortunately, he hasn’t unlocked his businessman skills - but that might not be a problem.

His standard, complicated, flashy, and finger-straining move set is still there. He plays the same as he has in previous games. Nothing much changed technically, aside from a few upgrades such as his sword and new Devil Trigger.

Dante is already at the height of his badassery. I don’t know how Capcom will outdo themselves in the next game (if there is one). But I’d love to see them try.

It was lovely seeing Dante again after all these years. He’s been a household name for Capcom, and I think they did him well this time. Dante has always been a great character from every fiber of his being. But this game captured who he was and what he could accomplish.

Dante is the number 1 character in DMC 5. He is the pinnacle of style and badassery in any franchise.

What’s awesome about Dante? (a.k.a. Could Dante be any more awesome?)

  • It’s Dante - It’s Dante.
  • Mr. Style himself - he is the core of what style is - sick dance moves, and crazy call-outs in the middle of battle
  • More refined skill set - Dante’s playstyle and battle stances are more refined and honed in this version

Character Score: 10/10 (Smokin’ Sexy Style!!)

This list does have elements of objectivity and subjectivity in it. You may agree or disagree, but I think this would be a good vantage point for those just starting the game. If you’re interested in reading up on more Devil May Cry / Hack and Slash stuff, you may also be interested in:

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Who is the strongest character in DMC 5? ›

1 Dante: The Demon Man Himself

He has never lost in any fight or battle and not even the demon world has been able to hold him. Dante showed he was on another level by beating Argosax like it was nothing, toying around with Nero at every turn, vanquishing Mundus, and defeating Vergil every time it counted.

Which character to choose in DMC 5? ›

Dante is the staple character of the series. Being both the major protagonist and the most iconic diplomat of the franchise, he is the character that encapsulates DMC as a series.

Who would win Kratos or Dante? ›

1 Winner: Dante

Brute strength will never be enough against a guy who's probably just as strong, but can easily avoid punches by darting around and slicing his enemy. Dante's Devil Trigger is also too overpowered for Kratos to have an answer for.

Who is stronger Nero or Vergil? ›

Nero obviously defeated Virgil, but it could be argued that maybe Virgil did not take him seriously cos he is his son?

Who is stronger Dante or Vergil? ›

If there's one thing Devil May Cry 5 proves, it's that Vergil really does beat Dante when it comes to pure power. Of the two, Vergil is the stronger twin, dedicating his entire life to the philosophy of strength.

Is Dante stronger than Mundus? ›

Not only that, in the Volume 2 novel, DMC2 Dante in his regular state effortlessly defeated Mundus from the alternate universe the Beastheads teleported them to, and that version of Mundus was strongly implied to be more powerful than the original Mundus.

Who is the most powerful character in DMC? ›

Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight, is the father of Dante and Vergil. Despite his heritage, Sparda has slayed countless demons and later on ruled over humans. He is lauded as the most powerful demon in the series and the greatest swordsman.

Who is the most liked DMC character? ›

Best Devil May Cry Characters
  1. 1 Dante Dante is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, created and published by Capcom. He was not that bad character at least was better than Lady. ...
  2. 2 Vergil. ...
  3. 3 Nero. ...
  4. 4 Trish.
  5. 5 Sparda. ...
  6. 6 Lady.
  7. 7 Angelo Credo. ...
  8. 8 Mundus.

Why Vergil is the coolest character? ›

He ensures his enemies are defeated with swift, critical blows. With Vergil, there are no wasted words or extraneous actions. This shows him to be single-minded — he does what is necessary to achieve his goals and eliminates anything that might get in his way with extreme prejudice.

Can Ghost Rider defeat Dante? ›

Nope. I mean to take out the Ghost Rider, Dante would first have to separate Johnny from Zarathos, then find a way to either kill/subdue Zarathos. Sadly I can't see the hybrid demon hunter being able to pull this off since he's not Etrigan or Constantine. Ghost Rider easily stomps here.

Who can defeat Dante? ›

Devil May Cry: 5 Anime Characters Who Could Beat Dante (& 5 He Would Destroy)
  • 10 Win: Lelouch vi Britannia.
  • 9 Lose: Eren Yeager.
  • 8 Win: Rimuru Tempest.
  • 7 Lose: Rem.
  • 6 Win: Lord Beerus.
  • 5 Lose: Ken Kaneki.
  • 4 Win: Madoka Kaname.
  • 3 Lose: Inuyasha.
Jan 10, 2020

Who is stronger Bayonetta or Dante? ›

In what actually matters, it's true that Bayonetta's satellite throwing feat trumps any and all of Dante's physical displays of strength. However, Dante edges out in every other category. Boomstick: His arsenal matched and exceeded Bayonetta's blow for blow.

Why did Vergil turn evil? ›

Because he failed to save his mother as well as witnessed his mother getting killed during the demonic assault, the trauma caused Vergil to develop a psychopathic personality with a strong desire for power.

Can Nero surpass Dante? ›

Nero's stronger than normal Dante DT. Nero's whole thing is raw power. He actually exceeds both Dante and Vergil in the sheer amount of physical force he can apply. His sword swings do more damage outright, even without exceed.

What is Vergil strongest form? ›

Sin Devil Trigger: The Strongest Devil Form that Vergil has access. He gained it after his human and demon selves reunited together into one. It is a powerful form that awakens his true inner demonic heritage. It gives Vergil a further dramatic increase in attack, range, defense, speed, and regeneration.

Why is Nero so strong? ›

Supernatural Strength: Nero has incredible supernatural strength, due to his cambion heritage. He has overpowered beings who are five times bigger and more muscular than him using only his human hand. He was even able to block an attack from Berial using only his human hand, holding the Red Queen Sword.

Who would win Dante vs Nero? ›

1 Winner: Dante

Ultimately, it comes down to the list of feats and experiences since these two happen to be so similar in attributes. Another major point in Dante's favor would be his cool mentality, something that Nero really doesn't possess, and has proven to be the reason for his losses.

Who would win Dante vs Goku? ›

Dante stomps hard, he outclasses Goku in basically every category. In strenght Dante far outclasses him, since he can beat Nightmare. Nightmare has the power to lift and destroy the Underworld. So Dante has infinite strenght.

Can Sparda beat Mundus? ›

Sparda defeated Mundus, sealing him into a marble vault, and what was left of Mundus's armies retreated back into the demon world. In order to close the gateway, Sparda used his own blood, along with the blood of a human priestess (Lady's ancestor), in conjunction with his sword and a mystical amulet.

Why is Dante so strong? ›

Dante possesses extraordinary powers far beyond that of any human being and most demons thanks to the blood of his father, Sparda, running through his veins. Being a half-demon who is able to gain more powers and weapons from the powerful demons he is defeated, Dante grows increasingly stronger throughout the series.

What is Dante strongest form? ›

Sin Devil Trigger Form: The Strongest Devil Form that Dante has access to. When Dante used the Rebellion sword to stab himself in the ruins of his former family home to stop Vergil, he absorbed its power alongside the Sparda sword.

Who is older Dante or Vergil? ›

Vergil and his younger twin brother Dante were conceived by the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and the human Eva, where they resided in a secluded mansion near Red Grave City. Growing up, Vergil would often fight with Dante over various things, and trained alongside his brother with his father.

Who is Nero in love with DMC? ›

Kyrie is the childhood friend of Nero, as well as his love interest.

How strong is V in Devil May Cry? ›

Power and Abilities

Although weaker than his demon half Urizen, V is still a formidable combatant. To make up his poor defense, he uses his familiars, Griffon, Nightmare, and Shadow to cripple his enemies before finishing them with his cane.

Who is Dante's love interest DMC? ›

Sawaki Takeyasu, the main artist for Trish, said that she was the first human-like character he had made. Trish was named after Beatrice Portinari from the Divine Comedy. When asked about the relationship between Dante and Trish, Hideki Kamiya stated their bond was more than love.

What is Dante's fake name DMC? ›

Dante goes by the alias of Tony Redgrave.

Who is the main character DMC? ›

Dante. Dante, the series' primary protagonist, is a mercenary specializing in the paranormal and the main playable character in the first three Devil May Cry games.

Does Vergil love Dante? ›

Dante and Virgil's relationship becomes one of love and trust as they journey through Hell. As such, Hell is dark and frozen place because the lack of love and light brings only destruction and separation.

Who is Vergil love interest? ›

Kat has strong feelings for Vergil, possibly explaining her zealousness for the Order, yet curiously, she chooses to protect Dante over Vergil before Mundus.

Who has more fans Dante or Vergil? ›

Dante, easily. All heroes have established their thrones atop not just their enemies, but a large quantity of allied corpses as well. There are no monarchs with clean hands.

Which God can defeat Ghost Rider? ›

Proteus would try to possess the Cosmic Ghost Rider, since a body with that power could hold Proteus for a long time. If that weren't possible, Proteus has more than enough power to destroy the Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Who is the most powerful than Ghost Rider? ›

10 Most Powerful Ghost Rider Variants In Marvel Comics
  • 8 Hellhawk.
  • 7 Danny Ketch.
  • 6 Speed Demon.
  • 5 Robbie Reyes.
  • 4 Ghost Hammer.
  • 3 Cosmic Ghost Rider.
  • 2 Spirit Rider.
  • 1 All-Rider.
Dec 7, 2022

Who can resist Ghost Riders penance stare? ›

Conan Completely Overpowered Ghost Rider's Penance Stare

The two battled and in the middle of the fight, Ghost Rider broke out the Penance Stare on Conan... The problem for Ghost Rider was likely tied to the symbiote, but whatever the reason, Conan was able to get past the Penance Stare easily...

Can Dante become a devil arm? ›

Upon absorbing Rebellion's broken hilt and Sparda into himself to unlock his Sin Devil Trigger, Dante forms a new Devil Arm by fusing both together, Devil Sword Dante, which he uses as his main weapon from then on.

Can Dante cut Judgement? ›

Judgement Cut (次元斬, Jigenzan?, lit. “Dimension Slash”) [note 1] also known as Slash Dimension (スラッシュディメンション, Surasshu Dimenshon ?) is a Yamato exclusive technique used by Vergil and Dante that makes its first appearance in Devil May Cry 3, and later returns in Devil May Cry 4, DmC: Devil May Cry, and Devil May Cry 5.

Is Magna stronger than Dante? ›

Magna receives the split magic power and is impressed by the sheer amount of power that is in half of Dante's strength.

Can Dante beat Doom Slayer? ›

There isn't anything the doomslayer can do here besides sheer AP. Dante has him outmatched in every other way. Dante FRA if this isn't an outright stomp.

How strong is Majin Dante? ›

His durability and speed is so great that not only does Dante casually avoid Satan's bullet-shaped energy spheres while hovering, so fast that no extra movements are seen, but he was even able to casually bat away an oncoming attack from the Devil with his wing and was unfazed from a swing by his trident, Anguis.

Why Dante is the best character? ›

Beneath his care-free aesthetic, Dante is a character who refuses to give up. He's resolved to reach his goals and save Earth, even if he doesn't admit it — he cares. For that reason, many see Dante as the best out of him and Vergil.

Why Vergil cut Nero hand? ›

Nero's arm was taken by a mysterious figure in the first stages of the DMC 5 story, we learn that person was Vergil who was sickly but looking to gain absolute power from the underworld. He used Nero's arm, the Devil Breaker that absorbed the power of the Yamato, to regain the sword.

Why did Vergil thank Nero? ›

He opens a portal with Yamato and prepares to leave, but just before he walks through it, he turns to look back at Nero … and thanks him. Vergil, who put a sword through Arkham's torso after the man helped him achieve his goal back in DMC 3, sincerely thanks Nero for his help.

Does Vergil love Nero? ›

We can reasonably assume that Vergil is fond of Nero to some degree (most likely much more than he lets on, given Vergil's character as a whole) and that, going by his reaction, he easily accepts Nero as his son. There's no rejection of Nero from Vergil, only curiosity — and that's a good thing.

Can Dante turn into Sparda? ›

In Devil May Cry 5, Dante switches from using Rebellion to Sparda after the former is destroyed during his first mission, but only has access to it for two missions before it is replaced by Devil Sword Dante. It is identical to Rebellion in moveset.

Will there be DMC 6? ›

Dante and Vergil Return From The Underworld

Sparda's stated to be dead at this point, but who knows, Capcom might give us some fanservice and bring him back. Ultimately, there are many instances that could play out. So for now let's just enjoy some Resident Evil Remakes until Devil May Cry 6 is formally announced.

Why did Vergil split into V and Urizen? ›

Urizen is in fact the demonic half of Vergil, a being created after Vergil uses Yamato to split his human and demon halves in an attempt to heal the damage done to his body over the years and gain more demonic power by removing his human flesh.

Why is Vergil so easy? ›

It costs no concentration, and I believe it also does not gain any, so it is pretty safe to use if you get attacked during your own Attacks or cooldown animations. Vergil can also BLOCK almost all attacks in the game, by standing still and holding R1 while he has at least 1 full bar of Concentration!

Is Vergil overpowered DmC 5? ›

He is supposed to be OP. As Vergil, you are playing as the boss, essentially. It's only fitting that Vergil decimates everything in his path with deadly precision.

Is Vergil full demon? ›

Characteristics. Vergil is Dante's identical twin brother; they are sons of a demon named Sparda and a human named Eva. Vergil is half-demon, which gives him superhuman abilities.

Who is stronger Dante or Nero DMC5? ›

1 Winner: Dante

Another major point in Dante's favor would be his cool mentality, something that Nero really doesn't possess, and has proven to be the reason for his losses.

Is Nero stronger than Vergil in DMC5? ›

Is Nero stronger than Vergil in Devil May Cry 5? Yes he might have beat Vergil in this fight. But Vergil was weakened after fighting Dante.

Is Vergil overpowered DMC5? ›

He is supposed to be OP. As Vergil, you are playing as the boss, essentially. It's only fitting that Vergil decimates everything in his path with deadly precision.

Who is the strongest dmc character? ›

Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight, is the father of Dante and Vergil. Despite his heritage, Sparda has slayed countless demons and later on ruled over humans. He is lauded as the most powerful demon in the series and the greatest swordsman.

Who is stronger Goku or Dante? ›

Dante stomps hard, he outclasses Goku in basically every category. In strenght Dante far outclasses him, since he can beat Nightmare. Nightmare has the power to lift and destroy the Underworld. So Dante has infinite strenght.

What is Vergil weakness? ›

Now that i think on it, dante and vergil's sole weakness is that they can be worn down. For two halfdemons with a healing factor so insane it literally heals through damage, AS IT'S HAPPENING- you'd think they'd be nigh invincible gods.

Why does Vergil look younger than Dante? ›

My theory is that it's because he is more in touch with his demon side and spends more time in demon form. This slows his aging.


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