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The events leading up to the death of Einar’s mother and sister are the main subject of the season 2 opening episode of “Vinland Saga”, “Slave.” Despite his survival, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Despite his best efforts, Einar was always found and punished harshly for misdeeds.

His meeting with a man in the slave market who was looking for Thorfinn, a short blond-haired man who had been rejected, was fascinating. Although Einar didn’t pay much attention to that meeting at the time, it quickly took on a lot of importance. Here is all the information you need regarding closing Vinland Saga season 2 episode 1. Spoilers to follow!

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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Unaware of the approaching enemies, Einar was busy living a quiet life as a farmer in northern England. After working hard in the field, he sat down at the table with his mother and sister. Einar had a negative view of the past, but his mother didn’t quite see things that way.

She chose to savor the moment rather than be unhappy at the loss of her husband, knowing that Einar’s father gave his life for it. This also gave Einar a fresh perspective on the situation. Unfortunately, their quiet existence was abruptly shattered one night when their community was raided and destroyed.

Einar and his family watched the drama play out in the shadows of the bushes. They quickly fled into the dense forest, but an arrow hit Einar’s mother in the back. She begged her children to escape in her final moments. Unfortunately it was too late as several opponents had already attacked them before they had time to react.

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When Einar tried to defend his sister as she was forcibly taken away, he was punched in the face that he could not see. His sister was killed there, leaving Einar to fight for herself after she stabbed one of the captors to free her brother.

Vinland Saga season 2 ending explained

Einar lost the ability to defend himself after envisioning the gruesome death of his mother and sister. It was only natural that the event had left him with a serious psychological scar, and he seemed to have accepted his fate. His captors talked him into selling him for beer money as they took him away.

Then Einar was placed with others like him on a ship bound for a distant land. A woman who got a little sick was just thrown into the water. Einar got a little angry about this and protested; as a result, he was punched in the stomach to remind him that he did not have that authority.

The incident on the boat more or less served as a metaphor for how Einar would move forward, telling him to put his principles aside if he wanted to live in peace. The captives were fed well after they reached the coast and cosmetics were applied to their faces to make them more attractive to would-be slave owners.

Still seeking his freedom, Einar sprinted away whenever he got the chance. Unfortunately, his captors quickly grabbed him and savagely beat him up.

How did Thorfinn and Einar first meet?

Einar seemed to give up trying to regain his freedom after being apprehended and punished for his escape. He reminded himself that he was alone now and that even if he had someone to turn to, not knowing where he was or fully understanding his circumstances would only make things worse.

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Interestingly, a curious man watched him intently at the slave market that day before he flew into a rage. Einar was not the person he was looking for. He informed his captor. He went on to say that the person he was looking for was a short build, blond hair named Thorfinn.

Unfortunately, he left without anything. It didn’t seem like Einar would remember this episode in the future, but events took an unusual turn. Soon after, he was approached by another man named Ketil who, after examining his physique, asked him what he used to do.

The man asked Einar if he would like to work on his farm after learning he was a farmer in Northern England. Once the purchase was finalized, Kentil bought Einar and took him to his beautiful estate. Kentil introduced Einar to a blond-haired man while he was getting used to his new surroundings.

When he discovered that the bearded man was Thorfinn, whose relative had sought him out in the slave market, he was quite surprised. This is how they met for the first time.

Why did Askeladd kill Bjorn?

Bjorn understood that the wound he received fighting Atli would prevent him from making a full recovery after his failed attempt to smuggle Canute away. As a result, his only option at the time was to approach Askeladd and request a duel.

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Askeladd was terrified that he couldn’t kill Bjorn cleanly with his first attack during the battle, as it meant his ally would have to endure the pain of that attack. But when Bjorn told him that all he wanted in life was his buddy, he ended up killing him. To achieve this, Askeladd told Bjorn that he was the only friend he had in the world.

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Bjorn wanted to hear this before his friend killed him. But why did Askeladd kill Bjorn if he was his friend? Despite their relationship, Askeladd killed Bjorn because the Vikings thought there was an afterlife where the Norse gods lived in Valhalla. After dying a brave death, heroic Viking warriors are sent to Valhalla.

The Vikings’ goal is to get to Valhalla, where they can party and drink with other noble warriors and gods for all eternity.

Is there a trailer for Vinland Saga Season 2?

There is. Below is a link to the Vinland Saga season 2 trailer.

Why did Askeladd kill Bjorn? Vinland Saga Season 2 Ending Explained! - Business Roundups (1)


What do you expect to see as the series continues? What has been the most memorable scene from the Vinland Saga so far? Tell us in the comments below. Must follow us Lee daily.

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Why did Askeladd kill Bjorn in Vinland? ›

Askeladd killed Bjorn because he knew he was going to die anyway, and for a Viking, the mentality is that they reach Valhalla when they die on a battlefield.

What were Askeladd's last words? ›

"Be a true warrior... son of Thors" are Askeladd's last words. Askeladd dies and Thorfinn lets go of Askeladd's tunic, standing over his dead body.

Who did Askeladd kill? ›

Ultimately, Askeladd stabbed Olaf with the sword of one of his half-brothers in the middle of the night while the latter was in his bed, avenging Lydia's suffering.

What happened to Bjorn in Vinland Saga? ›

The downside was that Bjorn could not distinguish between friend and foe in this state, making him potentially lethal even to his allies. Despite this, he was defeated by Thors in hand to hand combat, not managing to land a hit on the former.

Was Askeladd a good person? ›

Askeladd was not a friendly person, but his character was so well written that the fans could help but appreciate him. Over the course of the first season, Askeladd committed some outrageous acts, which made him stand out as a villain.

Why did the Vikings choose not to remain in Vinland? ›

The Vikings left Vinland because they did not have the organization and resources of the British and the Spanish to overtake and defend territory in North America. Native Americans did not take kindly to having...

Who is the strongest in the Vinland Saga verse? ›

Vinland Saga features many highly skilled warriors with different fighting skill sets; however, these characters stand out as the strongest.
Here are the strongest characters introduced in first season of Vinland Saga ranked according to their strength.
  1. 1 Thors.
  2. 2 Thorkell. ...
  3. 3 Askeladd. ...
  4. 4 Thorfinn. ...
  5. 5 Bjorn. ...
Jan 16, 2023

What happens to Thorfinn after Askeladd dies? ›

After he attacked Canute in a moment of shock and rage for killing Askeladd, the death of whom was Thorfinn's goal for most of his life, Thorfinn was enslaved as a punishment. Four years later he gained his freedom and changed his life.

Is Askeladd good or evil? ›

Lucius Artorius Castus, better known as Askeladd, is the central antagonist of Vinland Saga. He is the captain of a Viking mercenary band and killed Thorfinn's father, Thors, with underhanded tactics after losing to him in a duel.

Who is the main villain of Vinland Saga? ›

Floki is a central antagonist in Vinland Saga, in particular the Eastern Expedition Arc.

Is Askeladd the true king? ›

Askeladd reveals his true name is Lucius Artorius Castus. He proclaims he is the true King of Britannia and beheads King Sweyn. Understanding what Askeladd is doing, Canute orders the men to attack him, as he has committed regicide.

Who is the hero of Vinland Saga? ›

Vinland Saga

Who becomes leader of Kattegat after Bjorn dies? ›

Kattegat: Ingrid

However, by the end of the series, both Bjorn and Harald were dead, and Gunnhild had walked into the sea rather than marry Harald, leaving Ingrid on the throne.

Is Bjorn A Berserker? ›

Affiliations. Bjorn Bloodtooth was a Viking berserker from Norway who lived during the late 9th century.

Does Askeladd betray? ›

Askeladd betrayed his own men and their trust, and he openly said that he hated all of them. After openly announcing his hatred, Askeladd even killed many of his men. His redemption came towards the end of the first season when he lobbed off the head of King Sweyn and helped Prince Canute to come to power.

Is Thorfinn anti hero? ›

Notable Antiheroes In Anime/Manga

The medieval manga/anime franchise Vinland Saga follows a vicious antihero; a young Viking named Thorfinn Karlsefni. He is the protagonist since he has a clearly-defined goal -- killing Askeladd to avenge his father -- and the means and will to carry it out.

Is Ketil a good person? ›

Ketil is the main antagonist of the Ketil Farm arc, which is covered in the second season of Vinland Saga. Initially, Ketil came off as a good man who adhered to his moral principles, but as the story progressed, it became evident that he was only posing as a man that he could never be.

Why was eivor buried in Vinland? ›

This is because Vinland was the name given to North America by Leif Erikson, the first recorded explorer to discover the region in around 1000 CE. This was over a century before Eivor's death, meaning she was the first person to travel to this region and ended up passing there.

Where do Vikings go if they don't go to Valhalla? ›

Not all Vikings went to Valhalla

It was thought that, "if you were a Viking woman, or died in bed of sickness, or if you died of old age, you were not going to Valhalla," says Larrington. “You would go to the hall of Hel, which was not necessarily a pleasant place.

Did the rest of Europe know about Vinland? ›

It is true that Europe did in fact know of something vaguely resembling Vinland before Columbus discovered America but clearly they did not think too much of it.

Who kills Thorkell Vinland? ›

Battles & Duels

In 987, Thorkell was defeated by an unarmed Thors, despite being armed with his ax at the time.

Why does Askeladd care for Thorfinn? ›

After witnessing a Viking pirate named Askeladd murder his father, Thors, he swore vengeance on him. It sounds simple except Askeladd also took Thorfinn under his own wing, practically becoming his guardian.

How did Askeladd kill Thors? ›

Askeladd concedes defeat by signaling his men to fire their arrows at Thors. Thors is impaled by countless arrows, which causes Thorfinn to yell for his father in despair. Despite his injuries, Thors calmly tells Askeladd to honor his word as a warrior and for losing the duel.

Does Askeladd betray Canute? ›

Canute's betrayal of Askeladd helped to ensure that Canute would ascend to his throne with ease as the boy who avenged his father and killed the kingslayer, inadvertently robbing Thorfinn of his vengeance that had been building for over a decade.


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