Why Does My Cat Guard Me In The Bathroom? - Cats Guide (2023)

Why Does My Cat Guard Me In The Bathroom? - Cats Guide (1)

Feline behavior can range from unexpected to downright amusing. As a cat owner, you might have noticed certain unexplained behaviors or patterns in your cat. From cats licking your feet to kneading you in your sleep, they do it all. So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why does my cat guard me in the bathroom?” we’ve got answers for you.

First off, your cat is not the only one who does this. Many cat owners often notice how their cats “stand guard” outside the bathroom when their owner is inside the bathroom. This behavior is quite common with cats. Here are a couple of reasons your cat might be standing outside your bathroom door when you’re using the bathroom.

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Reasons Your Cat Guards You in The Bathroom

Sometimes the conclusions made about animal behaviors are not definitive. Therefore, these reasons are not conclusive but based on observed feline behavioral patterns. Here are a couple of reasons we think your cat guards you in the bathroom.

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1. Your Cat Feels Vulnerable

One reason your cat always sticks around while you do your business might be that it’s scared. Even though your cat has predatory instincts, when it comes down to it, they view you as a protector, caregiver, and most importantly, their source of food.

So, your cat could stick around you to feel safer and more secure. Leaving you out of their sight might scare them that you will disappear. This could explain why your cat seems to always take position outside your bathroom door when you’re in.


2. Your Cat is Trying To Get Your Attention

Perhaps you’ve had a hectic day and have not spent much time with your furry friend.

Your cat would need to get your attention somehow. So, when he sees you go into the bathroom, it could stand there so that you definitely get to see him either while you’re inside or on your way out of the bathroom. Either way, you’ll see him and maybe have some playtime.

This is most likely what’s happening if your cat wants you to notice that he’s there. This explains why your cats would often meow from the doorway if you’ve shut the door against it.

3. Your Cat Thinks You’re Vulnerable

Everyone knows dogs to be super protective of their human owners. Cats, however, are seen to be standoffish and incapable of having such tendencies. This theory might not be entirely true. One of the reasons your cat seems to stand guard at the door when you’re using the bathroom might be because he thinks you’re in a vulnerable position, and so it wants to “protect” you from any possible attacks.

Cats are super private animals usually and would avoid being seen when taking a dump. But if you expect them to respect your own privacy, you’d most likely be wrong. So next time you feel weird about your kitty standing guard, take solace in the fact that your cat might just be more concerned about your safety than your privacy.

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4. Your Cat is Just Curious

Even though cats are generally reserved, some instincts are hardwired into them. Cats are generally curious about everything, and this mannerism has roots in their territorial nature and strong survival instincts.

Their curiosity helps them establish some sense of safety in their territory. It could be that your cat simply wants to explore the bathroom out of curiosity. Your cat might be that nosy because it wants to know what goes on in that part of its territory. This nature might just be why your cat is standing at the bathroom door.

Also, cats have over 200 million odor sensors (more than 30 times more than humans). This makes them easily pick up the tiniest whiffs of scents. The bathroom is an epicenter of curious smells and scents. Your cat could also just be curious about the different scents it perceives when you’re in the bathroom.

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5. Maybe It’s Not Just The Bathroom

Some cats tend to follow their human owners wherever they go. You might be trying to get a snack from the fridge, for example, and see your cat just standing next to you. So, it is possible that your cat actually follows you around to every other room you go to. But you’d definitely notice its presence more when you’re in the privacy of your bathroom.

6. Your Cat Loves Running Water

Domestic cats are known for their dislike of water. However, there are some cases where cats are actually drawn to the sound of water. Like the Turkish Van, some cat species do not have any aversion to water and even get to enjoy occasional swims. Some cat behaviorists say that many cats enjoy the sound of running water because it stimulates their hunting instincts.

So, perhaps when you see your cat standing guard at the door of your bathroom, it’s just enjoying the sound of running water and might even want to get some on his paws.

7. Your Cat Simply Loves You

In many cases, it’s really none of the reasons above, and your cat just loves to be around you. Your cat might just be trying to spend all the time it can with you. This is especially true when you are not usually home all day; when you’re finally home, your kitty just wants to spend as much time as it can with you, even if it’s in the bathroom.

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Related Questions

1. Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?

Not only do cats stand guard outside the bathroom, sometimes they come all the way in. The reasons for this behavior are varied. Sometimes, it might be due to the weather outside; when it’s freezing cold outside, you’re likely to be having a hot shower. Your cat could also want to get that feeling of warmth.
Also, if it’s hot outside, your cat might appreciate the damp tiles in your bathroom. This explains why some cats lay down on the bathroom floor after their owner takes a shower.
Another reason your cats follow you might be the prospects of having a captive audience. Your cat knows that it might not get your whole attention while you’re in other parts of the house. So, it might be your time in the bathroom as a time to snuggle with no distractions.

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2. Why does my cat guard me when I sleep?

As a cat owner, you might have seen your cat standing guard outside your room door or by your bed when you wake up. If you and your cat have a special bond, your cat might be trying in its little way to protect you from harm. This action could also be due to fear of abandonment; your cat could just be watching you to ensure you don’t abandon him. Also, since cats quickly master their owner’s routines, they might be standing guard (and probably meowing) to keep you up with their morning routine.

3. Do cats understand privacy?

Most cats seem to want a bit of privacy when using their litter box. You can often tell from their body language that they prefer not to have an audience when doing their business. This behavior might be traced to their nature of wanting to be alert at all times. Thus, they may not want to be in a vulnerable position in view of a potential attacker.
On the flip side, cats do not seem to grasp the concept of privacy for their human owners. Following their owner into the bathroom is a common thing experienced by many cat owners.


We’ve seen in this article that cats sometimes display certain behaviors as a result of their intuitive nature. Cats following their owner to the bathroom or taking guard positions outside the bathroom is pretty common. They do this because they might be scared or think they need to “protect” you from harm.

This amusing behavior is caused by several other reasons. Go through this article, and you might figure out what causes your cat to behave that way.

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